yogui's resources release page

Sometimes I make stuffs with ASM and whatnot. I don't mind sharing them, but I don't submit them on the SMWC section because they are not optimized.
This page will have links to all of these selfmade resources.
You are free to use them as you want, no credits needed.
Use them at your own risks. I am not responsible for any glitches it may create.

KLDC 2021 resources

All resources used for my KLDC2021 level. Including 8bit Mega Man graphics, musics (edit of existing custom music to use 8bit samples, only the title screen music is self ripped) , sprites (use existing sprites as a base)
, levelASM/blocks (mostly used for my selfmade screen scrolling)


Darken ASM and light coins (24h contest 13)

This levelASM will darken the screen as time goes on, until it reach a darkness of 1/16. The custom blocks are coins that will decrease the darkness level by 1 (they do not increase your coin count).
Custom block