Luansilva12 Avatars (before the October 8, 2017 name change)

This was the last avatar made before the original Green Jerry avatar. I made this avatar because I played a lot of Pok�mon at that time. The cloud BG was taken from Pok�mon ShinyGold (a Pok�mon FireRed hack)'s title screen.

This was made the day that Nicholas "eXcavator" Arts died.

This was my first avatar. It showed Mario instead of Luigi.

This is version 1 of the Luigi avatar. The character shown isn't blurry.

This is version 2 of the Luigi avatar. He now lost the cape.

This is version 3 of the Luigi avatar. The BG is now scrolling, but is not smooth.

Temporary avatar used when the banner was replaced with a Toad besides a white "sonic the hedgehog".

This avatar is used in April 21, which is SML's release date.

Used in May 24, this is the Flappy Bird avatar.

Appeared in the day that Enzodel8 (User ID #29509) registered in SMW Central.

Luigi variant of the above avatar.

A Christmas version of the Luigi avatar, and it runs smoothly. The background is now stopped.

SMB3 variant of the above avatar.

SMW variant of the above avatar.