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Layout Maker XP for SMWC - v1.6

This is a page for generating layouts usable in SMWCentral. Using this page on mobile devices is not recommended. It's possible to use the layouts generated here in other forums but they may not display/behave properly. You'll be able to see how the layout looks against a few of the website's themes.

Information on Layout Maker:

General Layout Advice:

Created on December 03, 2016. Last updated: December 02, 2018.

Background Color:*
Background Image (URL):
Background Position:
Background Repeat:
2nd Background Image (URL):
2nd Background Position:
2nd Background Repeat:
Avatar Height:*
Post Box
Background Color:*
Background Opacity (%):
Border Type/Width (px):
Border Radius (px):
Border Color:
Margin (px):*
Padding (px):*
Box Shadow Width (px):
Box Shadow Color:
Box Shadow Opacity (%):
Text Color:
Link Color:
Text Font:
Custom Google Font:
Text Shadow Width (px):
Text Shadow Color:
Signature Type:
Side Image
Image URL:
Image Width (px):
Image Position:
Spoiler Box
Spoiler Box Background Color:*
Spoiler Box Opacity (%):
Border Type/Width (px):
Border Radius (px):
Spoiler Box Border Color:
Quote/Code Boxes
Quote Box Background Color:*
Code Box Background Color:*
Background Opacity (%):
Border Type/Width (px):
Border Radius (px):
Quote Box Border Color:
Code Box Border Color:
Padding (px):*
Layout Name*
Only use alphanumeric characters!
First character must be a letter:

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Layout Header:

Layout Footer:

Layout Preview

Originally posted by Sample quote
Originally posted by Sample nested quote
Sample spoiler

Sample text

Sample link
Sample quote

Sample code

Sample link
Sample post with bold and italics.