Using Cheat Engine with Nemu64 or 1964
By shyguy 8/7/14

Let's say you just found the address of Mario's coins using cheat engine, and now you'd like to convert it to an N64 address.
If you are using Nemu64 the address you would see in Cheat Engine would be 1035B21A.
You can convert this to an N64 address by subtracting the emulator's virtual console memory base (10020000 for Nemu, 20000000 for 1964), and then realigning the address for proper endianess.
- 10020000
= 0033B21A

Now you just need to realign the last digit and replace 00 with 80 and you'll have the N64 address
0123 4567 89AB CDEF
3210 7654 BA98 FEDC

| 80000000
= 8033B219

So the N64 address in this case would be 8033B219

Here's a converter