Infinity Edge (2nd Edition)


Levelengine's first fully blown chocolate hack, that goes into custom graphics and even cutscenes. It even throws in a mad-capped story line, in which Mario visits a new fictional continent (Delg) and runs into John Dover, who wonders where his friend, Alex Daxx is, since it was announced that Daxx did go missing. The incentive to go on the search for Daxx comes in the form of 10 grand, and Mario accepts. There were unknown past events that caused Daxx to go insane, get himself arrested, which led to his escape and sudden disappearance. Is he dead, or is he still out there somewhere? Play and find out!
This hack takes care of some of the difficulty issues Way of the M had, though this is still a hard hack. Don't let your guard down!
Fair warning: Shit hits the fan at world 4. Shit then destroys the fan in Norleras East Wing. In other words, you may find the story shocking/disturbing at these points.
Legend has it that the dark sword Stormbringer is hidden somewhere in Lethamyr, Delg.


25 levels / 32 exits