Catobat's Completed Playthroughs on YouTube

This HTML document covers every playthrough I recorded and (in most cases fully) uploaded to YouTube.
You can find more on my channel.
In case you find a mistake or have a question, just write me a PM at YouTube or SMW Central.
All videos I uploaded - All playlists I created

No.Game / HackVideos
1A Koopa's Revenge6
2Go! Go! Beckham!12
31-9: Kaitlyn the Koopa?2
4A Strange Mission6
5Pokey's Adventure3
6Karoshi Mario1
7A Christmas Walk1
8A New Year Walk1
9Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels19
10SMW: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues24
11Kenny's Adventure2
12Joe's Adventure5
13Henry's Adventure7
14Dan's Adventure7
15Chaos CompleXX4
16Mario's Keytastrophe9
17The Coin Hunt1
19Mario and the 5 Golden Eggs2
205 Level Hack1
21Super Mario :P :P :P4
22A Haunted Christmas3
23Mega Rex Island2
24Cover Orange 1 & 22
25Mario's Amazing Adventure19
26Super Mario Omega13
28A ChocoNilla Hack (Demo 1)1
29Mario's Walk Home1
30Insert Coin1
31Super Mario Infinity 242
32Back to the Classics11
33"Best Hack Ever"1
34YI hack from Yoshi's-Friend3
35Super Mario Infinity38
36The Return to Super Mario World40
37SMW Stardust Dragon 20115
38A ChocoNilla Hack (Demo 2)3
39The Title is Irrelevant10
40Item Abuse (First room)1
41Super Pika Land Ultra19
42Another Unnamed SMW Hack (Demo 1)2
43A Summer Level1
44The Forever Mystery Part Zero1
45My SMW contest level March 20111
46An SMWC Production43
47The Old Mansion1
48Eine Nachtwanderung (A Night Walk)1
49Marios little Adventure1
50Pokémon Darkness8
51Zeldara's Glitch City (Demo 89)7
52My SMW contest level April 20111
53Jinnx42's SMW contest level April 20111
54Mario's Long Traveling (Demo 1.2)2
55Mario Is Sick1
56Just a Castle1
57SMW 2+3 - The Essence Star14
58The Forever Mystery Part One (Together)10
59Super Demo World: TLC24
60Hack-Test für TheDzagoev461
63A Koopa's Revenge 2 (Demo)1
64Toad's World10
65Super Mario: Buried Treasure8
66The Haunted Desert2
67My SMW contest level May 20111
68Mario Gives Up16
69The Big Boo's Legion3
70Teh Hack 24
71Chocolate Flavour1
72LetsplaySmileyxD's contest level May 20111
73Legend of the Rift - Volume 1: Venus7
74Zeldara's Glitch City (Demo 147)9
75My SMW contest level June 20111
76Mario's Real Brother2
7742 Subscriber Special2
78Super Mario Advance 4: SMB3 (100%) (Including world e!)24
79Super Mario Universe14
80Super Mario Universe 211
81Bowser Rampages Again8
82Super Mario Land4
83Super Mario Land 28
84The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (GBA)12
86Yet Another Mario World50
87The Unworld - Recharged15
88Mario Wants His Mushrooms (Demo 2)6
89In Memoriam Hack Pack2
90A Yoshi's Story 24
91Mario Gives Up 222
92The artifacts of marvelous birds5
93Mario's Mystical Garden2
94Super Mario World - Gamergull's Version5
95Mario Bros. (GBA)1
96Super Mario Bros. 2 Dream Courses4
97Halloween in the Mushroom Kingdom1
98A Halloween Walk2
99A Maxi Mini Hack B-Sides1
100Super Mawwo World2
101Maxodex's World - The Ancestor's Treasure (Demo 2.1)10
102Super Mario 3D Land (Special Worlds)24
103Mario Kart 712
104Mario's New World1
105Mario's Treasure Hunt12
106My SMW contest level July 20111
107My SMW contest level April 20121
108Repeat Offender2
109Mario's Treasure Hunt 215
112Quest on Full Moon Island7
113A Pure Vanilla Hack1
114New Super Mario Bros. 2 (100% and all DLC packs)50
115New Super Mario Bros. U Challenges (all 80 gold medals)6
NFU: Not Fully Uploaded

All playlists not linked in above table:
1Super Mario World hacks 1200
2Super Mario World hacks 2200
3Super Mario World hacks 3200
4Super Mario World hacks 4172
5Pokémon Online18
6Mawwo7's Super Mario World hacks70
7Super Mario World Glitches6
8Super Smash Bros. Brawl Custom Stages9
9The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past3
10Video Games Backwards10
11Mario Party 25
12SMW - The Lost Levels28
13Super Pika Land Ultra Chocolate Version4
14Nintendo Land7
15Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (German)5

Last update: 6/12/2013