Hello everyone Iím Vinnyboiler, and for this tutorial Iím going to show you how to import your own level from Sketchup into SM64. Iím using Sketchup Pro for this, but Iím using a technique that lets you import your model from any version of Sketchup including the free one.
Firstly (and this is important if you are using the free version) you must download this OBJ plugin and place the files into Sketchupís Plugins folder.

Next I would suggest downloading Dudawís basic boundaries patch Sketchup file and copy all of your level into it (by simply opining two Sketchup windows and copy/pasting your level into the MaxSize.skp one) and just scale it to a size that suits you, when modeling anything you want to export in Sketchup, It's important to texture only one the white side of each face otherwise Sketchup creates 2 faces in the same space which leads to collision issues.

If you havenít started a level yet, you could also make your own level from that Sketchup file.

Once you have done that, select OBJ Exporter from the drop down Plugins menu.

You should see a new window pop up now with the option to "Export .Obj File". Make sure you selected "Export textured only" from the list and select the area where you want to save the model to.

Finally load up Messian's Level importer and set the scaling to 30, there will also be other options in the program to fine tune your levels so I would suggest you have a little play around with the program till you get the desired result for your level.

Hopefully this Tutorial will have been useful to you, if not make sure to PM me on SMWCentral or ask any further questions in the Super Mario 64 hacking forum help thread.

Cheers, Vinnyboiler